We’re on UAL 931, heading back to San Francisco. Dinner has been served, curtains are drawn, overhead lights turned off– though it’s only early evening London time and we’re flying in sunlight all the way to California– so it’s time to put on the noise-cancelling headphones and take stock.

The big thing on my persona plate is a piece for a German history of science volume on visualization in science. I’m adapting a chapter from my eclipses book, which means cutting it down by about 70%, and maybe working in some new stuff (if there’s any room at all) drawing comparisons between 19th century challenges in fieldwork and representation (in particular the issues around reproducing delicate images for publication) and current issues in simulation or computer visualization. There probably won’t be room for the latter.

I’m also supposed to audition for a little column in an Asian culture magazine. I’ll throw together something based on a couple posts to my kids’ blog, but I think I’ve got too much on my plate to do a regular gig.

At work, there’s more going on than I really want to think about at the moment, but I can get it all together.

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