It feels like about 2/3 or what I’m taking with me are electronics: obviously my computer, and various adapters (the slender 2-pin for Finland, chunky 3-prong for England), headphones, rechargeable batteries, a battery charger, etc., etc..

The big dilemma, which I’ll go back and forth on until the moment I close up my suitcase, is whether I should take my red rain jacket. I travel with it a lot.

Aarhus, November 2004 via flickr

London, November 2006 via flickr

But it’s supposed to only rain one day on the trip, the Sunday we’re in London. So maybe I’ll leave it here, and pack an umbrella. Or not pack either. I just don’t know.

Update, 6 June 2007: I brought it.

[To the tune of George Harrison, "Beware Of Darkness," from the album "All Things Must Pass (Disc 2)".]

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