Monday morning my wife and I took the Heathrow Express, the nonstop train from Paddington Station to Heathrow Airport. Normally I just take make sure my iPod is charged and take the Tube– it’s a solid hour central London to the airport– but we were at Paddington Station, and thought we’d try it.

Paddington Station, via flickr

It’s quite a bit more expensive than the underground– 15 pounds rather than 6– but it is very quick and quiet. Indeed, it feels rather like a plane: the seats are similar, there’s a seat pocket in front of you, an overhead compartment, and a monitor with helpful information about the airport and BBC headlines. The logo looks a bit like a cross between NATO and XBox, but that’s only a small distraction.

via flickr

However, be warned: there’s a ton of construction in Heathrow right now, so when you get out of the express train station at Heathrow, expect to walk outside for a few minutes to get to departures. A bit of a pain unless you have luggage carts, but there are lots of free luggage carts at the Express terminal.

via flickr

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