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I wish I had the concession on Left Luggage at Paddington Station

This morning my wife and I checked out of our hotel, and planned to leave our bags at Paddington Station while we walked around for an hour before going to Heathrow.

We knew there’s a Left Luggage service at Paddington, but mysteriously, the Web site didn’t mention how much it cost. But, we figured, how much could it be?

Paddington Station, via flickr

We saw why there wasn’t any information when we got there, Turns out it costs twelve six pounds to leave a bag for up to 24 hours. For a couple with a suitcase and backpack each, that’s about $100. It would cost about the same to leave the bags at the hotel, then take a cab to the airport. Just incredible.

I hope whoever has the concession gives a lot of money to charity!

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  1. I cannot believe that with all you’ve written this is what I’m commenting on but… how are you getting $100? 2 people x 2 bags = 4 bags x 6 pounds = 24 pounds. converts that to $47.39 dollars based on today’s exchange rate.

    Still pricey though.

  2. Sorry– actually, it was twelve pounds per day. I was tired when I wrote it.

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