My wife and I will be on our way to Turku, Finland, via London. We’ll spend about 24 hours on the road before finally getting into our hotel, then I’ll be at a conference on “Culture as Innovation: The Search for Creative Power in Economies and Societies.” (When I told one one of my son’s classmate’s mothers about the trip, she said, “Wow. You really have the perfect job, don’t you?” It’s hard to argue with her.) We’ll spend the weekend in London (London! on a weekend! with my wife! and no talks or workshops! I may explode!), then fly back here on Monday.

Are we packed? Of course not. Is my talk outlined? Yes, but I rewrite my talks at least twice in the couple days before giving them, and I don’t expect this trip to be any different. (If you’re reading, conference organizers, don’t worry. They get better as I revise them: simpler, sharper, more throughtful.)

The bed is covered in power adapters, guidebooks, and other essentials. I’ve got to start getting it into a suitcase.

[To the tune of Shirley Bassey, “Light My Fire (Kenny Dope Remix),” from the album “The Remix Album…Diamonds Are Forever”.]

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