I missed my flight home. I was taking the Metro out to West Falls Church, thence to the airport via the shuttle. But I fell asleep on the Metro– a long day– and woke up in Maryland. I turned around and headed back into the city, found a cab, but got to the airport too late.

Since I had the last flight back to Oakland, I’m stuck here until the morning, when I get a 6 a.m. to Denver, and connect through to Oakland.

The last time I missed a flight was 30 years ago– I was connecting in Atlanta, and took the little train to the wrong terminal. So with luck I won’t do this again until I’m in my early 70s.

Given how much I fly, I guess it was inevitable that I should miss some flight at some point. Still, I feel pretty stupid.

[To the tune of David Bowie, “Loving the Alien,” from the album “Tonight”.]

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