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I’ve finished Daniel Gilbert’s Stumbling on Happiness. It’s quite good, but if you don’t have time to read it, his Edge talk is a decent overview of his argument, and his recent Smithsonian interview hits several of the high points as well.

I also got back a copy of an article I submitted to a sociology journal a few months ago– I’d misread (or merely misunderstood, whichever is stupider) the guidelines for handling references and endnotes, and so had to spend a couple hours this evening going back through the article and setting things right. At least, I hope I got them right this time.

I’m pretty much back to normal now, other than the occasional wheeze, and a little bit of fatigue. My appetite is back, which is a mixed blessing: I could have done with another week or no appetite, but no nausea. Ah well. If Gilbert is right, it’s likely that losing a lot of weight won’t make me substantially happier, despite my rock-ribbed conviction that it would.

[To the tune of Crowded House, “Don’t Dream It’s Over,” from the album “Recurring Dream: The Very Best Of Crowded House“.]

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  1. In fact, losing the weight HAS made a big difference. So sometimes we’re correct that things that we think will make us a lot happier succeed in doing so.

    Now we’ll see if finishing the end of cyberspace book has the same effect….

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