I’m at the airport, all ready for my flight to Budapest. I stop in Frankfurt first– that seems to be the law when you go anywhere that’s not Paris or London– then hook up with my colleague Anthony, who’s also going to this philosophy of telecommunications convergence conference (and actually helped get me the invitation).

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I’m still exiled from the Red Carpet Club, so I’m hanging out near the gate, beside a power plug. I’ve gotta make my laptop last all the way to Frankfurt.

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I think I’ve got everything: copies of my talks, a lot of promotional stuff about the Institute, clothes, etc. I changed the PIN number on my bank card so I can get money in Europe, shined my shoes (the only time they ever get shined is before I travel), fixed the button on the 5.11 Tactical I’m wearing (I’m taking three), backed up my iTunes, photos, e-mail, etc., and gave the cats their flea medicine.

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I’ve got a very busy time in Budapest: not only am I speaking at two conferences, I’ve got meetings set up with a number of research institutes and groups. As it stands, it looks like I’ll have Sunday free, and maybe a couple evenings. But otherwise, I’m occupied, which is the way a trip like this should be. As much as I like wandering around a place, a work trip should be about… well, work.

how many people actually buy luggage AT the airport, once they’ve gone through security? isn’t it a little late to be thinking about such purchases? via flickr

And I’m not much of a tourist: I don’t really feel the need to visit the castles and museums. If I can find the interesting streets, and get to know an area well enough to know that the good coffee is at this place but the really good pastries are at that one, I’m happy.

[To the tune of Aerosmith, “Sweet Emotion,” from the album “O, Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits (Disc 1)”.]

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