I’ve stopped back at the hotel to upload some pictures and drop off a couple actual physical (as opposed to digital) things before heading out to Tandem, a cafe that apparently is very big with bloggers. Not something I can possibly pass up.

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The conference is really interesting. I’m going to have my hands full living up to the standard of the best speakers.

hungarian academy of sciences, via flickr

I walked along the Danube, back to the hotel, and took another bunch of pictures. By staying off Vaci utca, the main tourist pedestrian avenue, I managed to cut down the number of times I was propositioned to one.

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So essentially I’ve spent the day talking to philosophers, scientists, and prostitutes. Budapest is exactly how I imagined it would be.

convergence! a talk featuring stills from the sex web site beautiful agony, via flickr

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[To the tune of Mogwai, “Auto Rock,” from the album “Live at Le Bataclan, April 13, 2006”.]

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