I made it to the Tandem Cafe, which turns out to be a small, smoky bar, full of young people drinking and, as seems typical in virtually every public space in Budapest, smoking up a storm. I’m going to smell like an ashtray by the time I get back to the hotel.

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Still, this place is great. I really like the vibe. Now to get some work done.

I realized I’ve got an opportunity with this talk to bring together some work that I’ve not previously connected to my end of cyberspace project, particularly Raymond Tallis’ work on the hand, and Andy Clark’s stuff on the philosophy of cyborgs (which is not far from the surface of the way I think about the subject, but which I still haven’t very thoroughly exploited).

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And doing the talk in a foreign city, far from anything resembling my usual audiences, is quite liberating: it reduces the risk (if it sucks, it’s not like I’m likely to see these people again), while raising the reward (if it’s good, I’ll get invited to other cool things, and have another chapter– or at least a section of a chapter– for the book).

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