I’m at a cafe and restaurant called Archivum, after about two hours’ walking around and thinking about my talk.

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I left the conference a little early, and fell dead asleep for a couple hours. I had a very nice walk back to the hotel– the sun came out, and it made me realize that I hadn’t actually seen the sun in several days– but realized on the way that there’s was no way I could go to tonight’s big conference dinner, and give a coherent talk tomorrow.

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So I napped, worked in the room for a couple hours, then went out in search of some dinner. I headed away from the river this time, toward what I vaguely thought was a university or museum or such.

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Budapest turns out to share with London one of my absolutely favorite urban qualities: the ability to delight and surprise you, if you’re willing to walk around.

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Archivum is great. I had this spicy chicken dish, which was excellent (though I thought I’d ordered the honey chicken, but no matter).

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I’ now faced with an Archivum coffee, which is coffee, honey, nutmeg, and milk froth. Looks good.

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Now it’s time to wander some more, and think some more about slides and the rhetoric of my talk.

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