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Greetings from Budapest, I have no wifi

I’m in an Internet cafe in Budapest, as I can’t get the wifi in my room working right. However, I’m hopeful that I can either straighten it out by morning, or use the wifi at the conference tomorrow.

So… here I am, 5000 miles away from home, in a pretty fascinating city dominated by giant castle complexes and beautiful bridges spanning the Danube, and I’m obsessing over an Internet connection. The world is flat. No, I’m just dumb.

Actually, Budapest is pretty cool. There’s a ring of Soviet-era terribleness around parts of the city, but the area I’m in is pretty much all Art Nouveau and neoclassical, big stone buildings with wrought iron and gigantic windows on the second floor. Quite marvelous. Hungarian is only slightly less odd than Finnish, but just about everyone understands a few words of English (and the hookers are disconcertingly multilingual).

I think it should be a fascinating time, but I’m looking forward to being able to post pictures to my Flickr photo set.


  1. Ah..there is a sentence in there that is very worthy of the quote board!

  2. Budapest isnt a place I ever really thoguht of traveling to but after seeing photo’s and looking more into it I do think it’d be an experience to go! I’m curious to know how the food was, costs…and accommodation’s? How long were you there for?

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