Talk at the Philosophy of Telecommunications Convergence conference (caveat).

People's bodies are interfaces for media, and the processes by which people import media and radiate their bodies out into the world of media and networks (the streaming body) are the subject of Shapiro and Crafts' talk.

Inscribing the Body. We do lots of things to inscribe cultural values and representations onto the body: think of tattoos, scarification, piercing, etc.. The Apple iTunes ads suggest how we sync our bodies to devices; we also stream bodies, posting videos of everything from lip syncing to sex, contributing to diet or medical advice Web sites, etc..

Synching and Streaming.

Action and Perception –> Technical world –> Simuli (ICTs, media, Internet, etc.) –> Embodied Human –>

We're familiar with the technical structure of convergence; we have some knowledge of the cultural dimensions of convergence (this is what Henry Jenkins talks about); what we want to do is talk about the corporeal, drawing on phenomenology, science studies, etc..

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