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New computer

I now have a new machine, a MacBook. I’d been nursing my old G4 PowerBook since late 2004— I got it right before going to Denmark– I was pretty behind the technology curve this morning. But no longer. This thing is so fast, it hurts. It’s truly a thing of beauty.

The thing that really blows me away is how quickly it copies pictures from my camera on to the hard drive. This took forever on my old G4.

"Now I’m going to take even MORE pictures!" I declared to my wife after seeing the transfer time. She quite rightly rolled her eyes.

I’ve got to move some 3rd party software and licenses off the old machine tomorrow, and also deauthorize it to play iTunes purchases. But I can spend an evening without Ecto and NetNewsWire. Two evenings, maybe not. But an evening, sure.


  1. I recently had a scare after the monster Midwestern storms freaked out my motherboard (needed to find the magic reset button!). In the process of unfolding my G4 PowerMac, we realized that it’s 6 years old! You, my friend, are marvelously spoiled when it comes to using fresh tech. Hope they comp you for Leopard when it comes out next month!

  2. Use it in good health. Take a picture for us!

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