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Stunning bourse/arcade

Every now and then I’ll walk past something and think, oh why not poke my head inside. I come back out a few minutes later, thinking, I’ll never forget that. This was one of those spaces: Parizsi Udvar, on the corner of Kigyo utca and Petofi Sandor utca.

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It’s a fascinating combination of architectural styles and materials, and just an all-around cool, beautiful space.

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It reminds me a bit of Stanford Memorial Chapel in its combination of iron, tile, gilt, and combination of Gothic Revival and Ottoman styles, with a certain 19-century wrought iron flourish.

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This will be material for my next batch of Moo cards.

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[To the tune of Miles Davis, “Shout,” from the album “Columbia Years 1955-85 (Disc 4): Electric”.]


  1. So dude, are you going to go to the Speedcubing competition next week, or are you headed home before then? There’s a rumor Dr. Rubik himself will attend…and then vanish “forever.”

  2. you can play at this arcade too!

    and here is a link to play pacman

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