There’s a great history of the Kew Gardens called The Hookers of Kew. The Hooker family produced several notable botanists, including two directors of Kew in the nineteenth century. Alas, the hookers I’ve been encountering on my walks this evening haven’t been botanists.

Apparently Hungary legalized prostitution a few years ago, but this hasn’t turned it into a cottage, or brothel, industry; there are still… freelancers. Actually, most of them seem to work in pairs.

I may not go out in the evenings. It’s kind of disconcerting dealing with them. Actually, the thing that gets me most is how good their English is. Of course, the whole being offered the opportunity to exchange money for sex thing is pretty weird, too.

[To the tune of Django Reinhardt, “Solitude,” from the album “The Best of DJango Reinhardt”.]