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What I thought when I saw the iPodtouch

John Massie says it well:

I didn’t focus on the cool CoverFlow interface, multi-touch, or the fact I can play video, view photos and play music. I saw Wi-Fi, Safari, Same Add-on Interface like the iPhone and THE CALENDAR AND CONTACTS BUTTONS. See, this is perfect, I don’t need my e-mail (but I’m sure someone will make an add-on or hack for the iPodTouch for mail) and I could then ditch the laptop, iPod, and PDA for the iPodTouch.

If iChat and Skype are available on the iPodtouch, I think it’ll be irresistable. I still have dreams of reviving my Apple Newton 2100, but am not quite technically adept (or obsessed) enough to make a Japanese driver work with an older Wifi card bought off eBay, or spend the time to figure out what memory cards will and won’t work in the Newton’s PCMCIA slot. Still, the Newton was great for writing: it had an excellent keyboard, and once I figured out how to make a little stand for it (a piece of cardboard and two rubber bands to give it some traction), it stood up nicely.

[To the tune of Peter Frampton, “Lines on My Face (Live),” from the album “Frampton Comes Alive!”.]


  1. the calendar cannot add – it is a static calendar that you would have to sync with ical — it is basically useless to use as a pda if that was your plan…

  2. I hadn’t thought about that. I actually have several calendars– a work calendar that I keep in iCal, and personal or family calendars in Google Calendar. I went with iCal over Entourage because iCal can subscribe to calendar services like Google.

    The iPodtouch calendar being static is probably something I could live with, particularly if I can access Google Calendar through Safari.

    Indeed, I think the real question is, how good is Safari? It would be a deal-breaker if I couldn’t access things like Google Docs.

  3. Alex, thanks for the mention. I feel slightly famous to see that I was quoted for the first time in my life. I’m doing some iPodTouch research and should post a follow-up with my findings/ideas. Hopefully you’ll check back on the blog.

    Thanks again for the mention!

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