I’m getting a new laptop today, which means I don’t have my laptop for the next several hours. Of course, all my data will move onto my new machine, and I can get plenty done on the loaner– it’s not like I’m totally cut off from the Intertubes and my own work– but still it feels kind of weird, like sending a kid off to camp. Actually, THAT feels liberating.

Thank goodness I synced my iPod this morning.

I went through a couple experiences earlier of losing all my data– all e-mail, music, etc.– either through theft of my own stupidity, and so am now more than a little obsessive about backing up data. More than that, I like having it with me all the time. I look at the new iPod classics with the giant hard drives, and mainly think, "Hey! Personal server!"

The upside is I finally get to move to an Intel-based Mac, just in time for the fall travel season.