The kids are asleep (or at least in their rooms and not making noise), the kitchen is cleaned, and tomorrow’s lunches are made. The perfect time to do some work.

And I’m entering one of those intense phases where I’ve got to finish off a couple big projects in the next week, because I’m going to a family reunion next weekend, then am off to Budapest for a week. I’m speaking at a conference on the philosophy of telecommunications convergence (approximately the coolest conference subject ever), then the following week am doing some more Institute-related talks and meetings. The conference is being hosted by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, which has a pretty amazing building. I suspect no matter what I pack, I’m going to spend the whole time feeling underdressed.

I’ve never been to Budapest, and know shockingly little about Hungary. In college I dated a woman whose mother was Hungarian, and she (the daughter– I never met the mother) was brilliant and just a tiny bit volcanic, so I look forward to the trip with just a little apprehension.

[To the tune of David Bowie, “Black Tie White Noise,” from the album “Black Tie White Noise“.]