At the conference. I walked in after the first session, and as all the tables seem to be full, and I'm not sure there's power at the tables, I'm sitting on the floor near a plug. It's probably more comfortable for me, anyway.

Incredibly, there seems to be no Wifi in the room. Can that be? Can we have hundreds of people here, and the ratio of wireless devices to people is probably over 2 to 1.

The conference has an interesting format: it's alternating between traditional sessions and "fast pitch" sessions with entrepreneurs talking about their mobile products. So Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn gives a keynote, then several people from companies that are in stealth come up and give quick demos. Unfortunately, they can't find the wifi either; as one of the moderators put it, it seems we need to make more sacrifices to the demo gods.

They're raffling off Nokia N95 phones. I haven't won one yet, alas, but it sounds like they've got a decent number.

Someone just walked off with my program. Sheesh.

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