We started putting up tile around the shower. After a lot of puzzling over styles, we finally decided on these small, fairly dark blue tiles that come in 5 x 5 sheets, with the tiles attached to what feels like fiberglass tape.

Lots of beautiful blue tile up now. Still have to buy the floor tile, though.

As with any job, a lot of your time is spent in prep– which means mixing up the cement-like stuff that the tiles go on, masking the tub, and measuring measuring measure– and in dealing with the exceptions– which means cutting the tiles that go in the corners and edges.

Fortunately, the back wall is pleasantly close to five feet wide, so we won’t have to cut any tile until we get close to the ceiling. The walls were a different story. And of course, we had make a thousand little tiny cuts for the fixtures, in the wall on the left.

The white dots, by the way, are spacers.

We still have to buy the floor tile. That’s one of tomorrow’s jobs. You wouldn’t think glazed white floor tile would be hard to find, but so far we’ve struck out!

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