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Bathroom remodel

The saga of the bathroom remodel continues. My wife and I spent most of the day running around looking for fixtures, tile, and a tub and sink that will fit in the now-miniscule bathroom. I knew that houses had gotten bigger in the 50 years since this one was built, but I figured that this came in the form of extra rooms; it turns out that individual rooms have also sized up, and the standard size of many kinds of hardware has grown with them.

The bottom line is, it’s pretty hard to find a sink and tub that will work in this bathroom. I’d like a deep bathtub, but with a 30″ wide tub, I’ve discovered you don’t have many options. Apparently there’s a great tub place across the Bay in Fremont; we’re going there tomorrow, but if they don’t have something deeper than 15″, it’s just back to Home Depot.

The one cool thing we found was a newspaper in the wall, dated April 8, 1963. Here’s one of the articles:

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The astronaut featured in this article, Edward Dwight, wasn’t selected for a mission; he later retired, and is now a sculptor of no small renown.

[To the tune of Frederic Chopin, “Preludes op.28 (24),” from the album “Chopin: 24 Preludes”.]

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  1. You can order clawfoot tubs on the internet that are smaller than standard sizes — and you can get pretty good deals sometimes too. Our sink, toilet and bathtub came from an online store — and they came quickly, at great prices, and the quality was great. I don’t remember the company’s name, but I can ask Gavin if you like.

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