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I love my Nokia N95

A couple weeks ago I moderated a panel at Mobile Mash-Up 2007. It was a terrific time, as my panel consisted of four excellent people, and all I had to do was get the ball rolling at the beginning, watch the clock, and try to keep Robert Scoble’s questions to a maximum of four or five.

The event was sponsored by Nokia, and last week they delivered a bunch of N95s– their super-camera-phone-GPS-Wifi-MP3 dynamo for the presenters and moderators (thanks Joe!). I ran over and picked mine up on Friday morning, and have been playing with it ever since.

Since it doesn’t work with my Verizon account, it’s basically a digital camera with Wifi, GPS, and Web access. This may sound kind of crippled, but for me it’s great: it means I can take pictures, then upload them immediately. Not a bad thing when on the road, or when out with the kids and they do something priceless.

Of course, the big question is, how will blogging from a little device be different from a laptop? And how will doing so in near real time differ from doing so at one’s leisure? I certainly write much shorter posts: it’s a bit more like illustrated Twittering, though I find I tend to use Twitter to describe states rather than events. And I think the pictures I’m taking are a little different, too, and it’s just just because of the technical specs (the 5 MP camera on the N95 is not that different from my Canon, and I suspect the Zeiss optics might even be a little better); I certainly am taking pictures with the N95 with the idea that they’ll go online immediately.

Since it does SIM cards and handles every mobile phone protocol invented, I’ll be able to use it in Asia and Europe, which’ll be good because it looks like I’ve got a lot of travel just over the horizon. While the kids aren’t crazy about talking on the phone when I’m on the road– they much prefer iChat video– it’s still useful to be reachable.

Now to install ZoneTag and play around with that (the ability to simultaneously post to Flickr and blog a picture seems very promising).

[To the tune of David Bowie, “Black Tie White Noise,” from the album “Black Tie White Noise“.]

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  1. I like Nokia N95 also.
    It is a smat phone!

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