This afternoon, after Sue Thomas’ talk on transliteracy (which I liked, but which revealed how much I dislike the term “literacy”), we walked up to Caffe Del Doge to talk about my end of cyberspace book, and her new project on nature and cyberspace.

I’ve been off coffee for the last week, as I suspected that I’d feel better if I cut way down on the java (but not the caffeine– I’m drinking copious quantities of tea now). After the first day, when I had a headache, I’ve been fine, and have in fact felt better. Clearly, my body now reacts pretty strongly to coffee: sometimes it’s necessary, but I shouldn’t drink it on a regular basis.

It turns out Doge has these amazingly extravagant coffee drinks, served in martini glasses. Sue ordered one that’s espresso and melted chocolate, whipped into essentially a mousse; I got a Marco Polo, which is espresso infused with cardamon, under a geological layer of whipped cream and more cardamon.

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Pretty unusual, but stunningly good.

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[To the tune of The Beatles, “Hey Jude,” from the album “The Beatles 1“.]

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