From Wonkette, of course:

What has Condoleezza Rice accomplished in the past week? The answer is always the same: nothing!

Dude, I wouldn’t say that helping to dismantle the supreme corporatist, militarist, neo-colonial power in the world (AKA, the United States of America) is “nothing.” I’m just amazed that Kim Jong Il managed to plant so many high-ranking sleeper cells in the U.S. (Bush, Condi, Gonzales, and their mastermind Cheney) and we never even saw it coming. Oh, well, America was a pretty neat idea… while it lasted, anyway.

I’ve occasionally had thoughts like this myself, though they usually also involve people turning out to really be robots.

[To the tune of Mono, “Halcyon (Beautiful Days),” from the album “Walking clouds and deep red sky, Flag fluttered and the sun shined”.]