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Trying predictive typing

I decided to try out the predictive spelling feature on my Nokia genius phone. Its pretty interesting. Normally, to spell, say, the word interesting, you have to push a total of 24 keys (i.e., 4 three times to type the letter i, 2 twice to type the letter n, etc.). Instead, you tap the following keys:


The phone starts guessing with the first number:


And so on. It does a rather good job, too. Though it feels odd: you almost HAVE to not look at the screen as you type, and he you make a mistake the result is not a misspelled word but the wrong word spelled right. Definitely requires ignoring some familiar habits.


  1. I switched over a couple of months ago. My only annoyance..some words aren’t in the vocabulary of the device. Today I noticed that the word “beautiful” wasn’t ther, so I had to switch to “nice”. Other than a few words and pretty much any anagram, it is a much faster method…if you only have 12 keys.

  2. haha, you wrote he instead of if! OMG LOL

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