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Moo Hoo

After a couple hours, I finally managed to place an order for more Moo MiniCards. I really like the product: the cards are very nice, they’re a great conversation piece, and they fit in an Altoids cinnamon chewing gum tin (which, when you flourish the tin and get out a card, becomes a second conversation-starter).

But ordering the cards is a serious pain.

For the last several days, I tried reordering some cards I’d made before, but always got hung up on the third step in the process (the step where you write the text that goes on the back of the card). Granted, I’m just an unfrozen caveman futurist, but even I know that punishing people for trying to get more of a product they like is not a route to customer satisfaction.

Finally, on the theory that whatever problems the system had with its reordering process might be avoided by creating a completely new order, I gave up and started from scratch. I only lost that order once, on the same step that had been giving me problems before. But tonight, I finally made it work.

However, the discount number they sent me didn’t work, so I’m being charged full price for the order. (For now, anyway. I e-mailed customer service to see whether I can still get it.) But at least the order’s in.

Presumably these are just growing pains, and they’ll get the system working better in the near future. That or they’ll go out of business. That would be a real shame. Then I’d have no cards, and a bunch of empty Altoids tins.

[To the tune of Led Zeppelin, “Hots On for Nowhere,” from the album “Presence“.]

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  1. You are not the only one with ordering troubles. I wish the process could be slightly easier and I would have ordered more, but I did not want to bear going through the process again!

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