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World’s End

Last night I watched Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. The kids saw it at Safeway the other day, and having just been allowed to watch the first movie, wanted to make sure we had the complete set.

I really liked the first movie, and thought the second was perfectly entertaining, but this one suffered from the same problem that plagued Spider-Man 3 and Matrix Revolutions: namely, the writers seemed to hope that putting in five plots, gigantic special effects, and endless action would hide the absence of a single good idea and clear story. And the final disposition of the main characters, especially Will Turner, is a total let-down.

You know it’s a bad sign when you’re watching a movie that features a guy with an octopus face, for goodness sake, and you react to some new plot twist with the thought, “Now that’s implausible.”

[To the tune of Bombay Dub Orchestra, “The Berber of Seville (The Berber of Suburbia Mix),” from the album “Bombay Dub Orchestra“.]

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