My son, skateboarding outside the graduate school of business this afternoon.


I don’t think my kids spend as much time on campuses as I did when I was young– after all, my dad was a professor– but I’m trying.

I’ve sometimes joked that my wife’s motto has been, “Reproduction– why stop with biology?” We live a couple miles from where she grew up, and they go to the same school she attended. If I had my way, however, there are two elements of my early childhood I’d reproduce: we’d spend some serious time abroad, and they’d spend more time in on campus. As a fourth-grader, I’d get out of school a couple hours before Pop was finished with work, and so I’d go do my homework in the student center or university library; I even had a couple carrels I favored.

And we just bought tickets to take the kids to Europe this summer, so we’re starting to get them out into the world.

[To the tune of Blue Öyster Cult, “Burnin’ for You,” from the album “Blue Öyster Cult: Super Hits”.]

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