Those of us hearing pundits talk about how wrong they were about the New Hampshire primary are missing out on a really awesome sex scandal in Greece, involving an archaeologist who nailed a Ministry of Culture official, allegedly at the behest of real estate developers who wanted to build condos or something on the site of an archaeological dig and thought the MoC dude would grant a permit.

She then tried (allegedly) to blackmail him for a couple hundred thousand Euros. When that didn’t work, she (allegedly) sent DVDs of the two of them getting it on (for 100 hours) to every journalist in Greece.

Said official (quite definitely) threw himself off a building (but survived), and the blackmailer’s lawyer, who apparently didn’t realize that it’s just an expression, threw himself under a bus (and survived).

My favorite part, however, is the article in the Times of London that concludes that, because of this twisted story, Greece should stop asking about the Elgin Marbles.

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