My wife and I are going to the American Historical Association annual meeting tomorrow night– actually, tonight. Or at least I hope I’m going: I just noticed that my name on the ticket is “ALEXS PANGPHD,” which I suspect might get me into trouble when I check in at the airport.

I called United Airlines, and they say that since I booked the flight through the AHA’s official travel agent, I have to call them to get my name changed. Though you would think that a travel agency that deals with a professional scholarly association would know better than to make “Ph.D.” part of a traveler’s surname. Let’s hope I can either get this fixed, or it’s not really a problem.

To make things even better, our nonstop from SFO to DC has been changed, and we’re now booked on a flight that goes through Chicago.

Presumably this is because of bad weather, but being re-routed through O’Hare when there are storms is not a development I really welcome….