I’m on my way to southern California tonight. I’ll be there for a couple meetings at the National Academies.

I’m in San Jose airport, which I think is the most business-oriented airport I travel through. San Francisco has lots of tourists, as well as business people; Oakland I only see late at night when I’m doing the redeye to DC, and everyone looks the same at 11 PM. San Jose, in contrast, seems like it’s 90% lawyers, Intel and Cisco people, and other high-tech types. Of course there are some tourists or families, but the proportion of people checking their Blackberries and talking on their Bluetooth headsets is much higher than SFO or OAK.

My flight is seriously delayed, but that just means I’m working on my talk in the airport rather my hotel room. Business travel is an odd combination of going somewhere, and ignoring your surroundings.

I don’t think I’ll be able to get to Disneyland, except possibly on evening between the first and second meetings. This is a shame, as I’m very fond of Tomorrowland, and consider it an essential destination for any futurist. There’s nowhere else quite like it– and certainly the future shows no sign of being like it.

[To the tune of Bruce Hornsby, “Every Little Kiss,” from the album “The Way It Is”.]

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