Got a pleasant surprise today: a package of reprints for my latest article, a piece on “The Industrialization of Vision in Victorian Astronomy” in Bildwelten des Wissens. It’s always nice to get these. I’ll have to send them off to various academic friends, for whom the ritual of receiving reprints holds some cultural meaning.

The article is one I wrote a while ago, but never quite got around to publishing; so when the chance came last year to contribute to this issue, I figured, why not make good use of it? I’m not doing much work on Victorian science now, but still it’s a subject that never ceases to be interesting.

And in an ironic twist, last night I was up late answering queries from an editor who’s working on a piece of mine on mobility and the end of cyberspace. My old and new intellectual lives overlapping…. Though actually I think that’s not quite correct: you don’t really have old and new intellectual lives, unless you completely change fields and go from, say, string theory to eschatology; you just mobilize your interests and intellectual skills around different subjects.

[To the tune of Ben Folds & William Shatner, “In Love,” from the album “Fear of Pop, Vol. 1”.]

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