I write about people, technology, and the worlds they make.

My newest book is Rest: Why You Get More Done When You Work Less. It’s about the secret role that deliberate rest plays in the lives of creative and prolific scientists, artists, and writers; what neuroscience says about why practices like long walks and sabbaticals can boost creativity; and how we can apply the lessons of those lives to our own lives.

My previous book, The Distraction Addiction was about contemplative computing, using information technologies in ways that don’t distract us and fracture our attention, but help us focus, concentrate, and be creative.

Before publishing Rest, I spent fifteen years as a technology forecaster and strategic consultant in Silicon Valley, at the Institute for the Future and Strategic Business Insights. I now run a consultancy, The Restful Company.

Whether I’m writing about the history of technology, the present, or the future, I try to understand how our technologies affect how we work, make decisions, and think about ourselves. It’s easy to believe that technologies are inescapable and irresistable. I want readers to see that it’s always worth remembering that we have choices about how we use technologies.

I’m represented by the incomparable literary agent Zoë Pagnamenta, and the awesome speaker’s bureau, the Lavin Agency.

You can read more about my publications on my Google Scholar or Academia.edu pages. Professional work is detailed on LinkedIn.