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Hotel Man is an island

I haven’t turned on the TV once since i got here; nor have I drunk any of the hotel coffee, or bought any snacks. I’m finding that more and more, I’m carrying everything I need for a trip with me– not just my clothes and business stuff, but also my own tea (I’ve turned into something a tea elitist) and food (Trader Joe’s macadamias are my new favorite on-the-road snack). I use my computer as an alarm clock (Minuteur has an evil buzzer, so it’s really effective), and of course it’s full of music and movies.

I wonder if this is typical of business travelers, or am I some kind of outlier?

[To the tune of Elton John, “Rocket Man,” from the album “Greatest Hits”.]

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  1. Me too, me too. Except I take longer trips and run out of food. So I also know what I’m going to get on the room service menu. Every room service lunch or dinner menu contains a chicken breast.

    I wonder why so few room service menus have omelets on them all day? I think an omelet with “pick two” from a list of common salad bar items (say ham and cheese or spinach and mushroom) would sell well.

    Do you travel with only your laptop bag?

  2. Sounds about right to me. When I travel I generally shy away from the macadamias though, customs in Egypt and Turkey aren’t to nice when it comes to nuts and meats. :- ( I do bring tea as well though and use a watch alarm, too many mess-ups setting strange alarm clocks in foreign hotels. Love your blog, thanks!

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