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On the Washington Flyer

I’m on the bus from Dulles International to the West Falls Church Metro. From there, I’ll take the Orange line two stops to my hotel, which I think is within walking distance of the Metro station.

Why the Metro doesn’t extend all the way to Dulles is completely beyond me. That would be entirely too rational. I remember the Futurists and other early 20th-century architects had grand visions of vast airport/train/zeppelin stations. Who would have guessed that in the United States, the the paragon of modernism, there’d be such resistance to something so logical?

There’s one other person on the bus who has their Powerbook open.

[To the tune of Miles Davis, “In A Silent Way,” from the album “The Complete In A Silent Way Sessions [Disc 2]”.]

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  1. There’s an enormous fight going on here over an extension of the Metro to Dulles. There was, then there wasn’t, Federal funding available. The Feds wouldn’t fund making the part going through Tyson’s corner a subway.

    At the time Metro was build, much of the territory between Orange Line and Dulles was still farmettes – hard to remember! – and there wasn’t then the density to support a rapid transit line, they expected that buses and taxis along the dedicated road would be sufficient.

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