Apparently, Israeli security service Shin Bet has an official blog. I can’t read Hebrew, so I have no idea what they blog about. Isn’t this like MI-6 or the NSA having a blog?

According to the BBC, it’s mainly for recruitment purposes– kind of the CIA having a Facebook group or MySpace page:

The [four blogging] agents discuss how they were recruited, and what sort of work they perform; they also answer questions sent in by members of the public.

The tone of the blog is chatty, at times even facetious….

A Shin Bet official told the BBC that the idea was to inform the public that the agency offers work beyond just stopping Palestinian paramilitary attacks.

The official said that the agency had been cheered by the feedback from members of the Israeli public – keen to find out more about the jobs within Shin Bet, the pay and even the food.

And I must confess, I really like the combination of Matrix-ish background and silhouettes instead of photographs. It manages to be hip and sinister-looking at the same time.

[via ISN]

[To the tune of Perpetual Groove, “Glock Jam,” from the album “Live at The Music Farm, 31 December 2006”.]

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