Two protesters threw pies at Tom Friedman during a speech at Brown University:

The incredible thing is, the guys missed. So much for smashing global capitalism, dudes. (The girls at Castillja would have nailed it. They would have practiced. Of course, they also would have been expelled in a nanosecond, but at least they wouldn’t have the shame of being tossed out of school for attempted pie-throwing.)

The other thing is that this gesture, while perhaps entertaining, and enough to earn you honors marks if you’re a performance art major at Yale, isn’t nearly as powerful, as, say, Matt Taibbi’s takedown of The Earth is Flat, the best piece of snarky criticism this side of Adam Gopnik’s review of Matrix Reoladed. A sample:

It’s not for nothing that Thomas Friedman is called “the most important columnist in America today.”… Friedman is an important American. He is the perfect symbol of our culture of emboldened stupidity. Like George Bush, he’s in the reality-making business. In the new flat world, argument is no longer a two-way street for people like the president and the country’s most important columnist. You no longer have to worry about actually convincing anyone; the process ends when you make the case.

Unlike the pie guys, Taibbi hits his target.

[via Gawker]

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