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I’m in Kuala Lumpur International Airport, and I can’t get online. There’s supposed to be this cool wireless throughout the airport, but I can’t get to it– it requires a password.

Actually, it doesn’t. But I was using DHCP to configure my IP address; I then changed it to BootP, and it got right on. (However, looking now at my network configuration, it claims to be using DHCP again.)

This is a very nice airport. No getting around it. Gigantic, spacious, and pretty pleasantly-designed.

It strikes me as odd that Malaysian Airlines ads feature stewardesses who look like carbon copies of the Singapore Air stewardesses, when this is a predominantly Muslim country. Actually it isn’t odd at all, given that Singapore Air is probably what they aspire to be– it’s Sony to their Samsung. But it’s an image that isn’t very representative of the rest of the country.

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  1. hiii,

    malaysia and Singapore airline are used to be one, but split into two after Singapore withdraw from Malaysia…hey the Singaporean is the one who copying from us…

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