I woke up this morning just before 7, read a few pages of Accelerando (which is quite a good book), and soon will start getting organized to pack. I need to send a few more messages first, though: I find if I don’t send out thank-you notes as soon as possible, they drift down to the bottom of my queue, and it’s weeks– or never– before I get to them. And when this means when it looks like you’re ignoring people who’ve put time and effort into helping you, it’s a Bad Thing.

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My flight leaves this afternoon around 5:30 or 6, so I’ve got a full day to do things. I doubt I’m going to be very ambitious, though I do feel like I should get out somewhere new. I feel a bit like I’ve been spending all my time in malls and other air-conditioned spaces, like I was in a tropical version of New Jersey. Which might not be the worst comparison for Singapore, come to think of it.

[To the tune of The Eagles, “I Can’t Tell You Why,” from the album “Greatest Hits Volume 2”.]

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