I finally got onto the free wireless here at the airport, though it’s what you might think of as a typically Singaporean process. You have to create an account first, which involves (among other things) giving them your name, address, and passport number. Once you’ve done that, they send a text message to your cell phone– forget giving you your account information on the computer, much less just letting you start using the network.

After you’ve got your username and password, you log in. What the instructions don’t tell you is that your username isn’t just whatever name you’ve got– joebob123– but it’s joebob123@qmax.com.sg. If you don’t include the @qmax.com.sg, it doesn’t work. Obviously.

Also, they send you an e-mail with information about how to change your password to something you can remember– but so far as I can tell, there’s nothing on the Web site it self that tells you how to do that. No “My Account” button, no “Change password” link, nothing. You have to refer to the e-mail… if you’ve gotten online and been able to read it, that is.

So I figured this out just in time to pack up and go catch my flight. More from Hong Kong, perhaps.

[To the tune of The Blue Nile, “Let’s Go Out Tonight,” from the album “Hats”.]

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