I’m going to bed soon, but wanted to post a bit before finally turning in.

Empire State Building

I’m staying at the Red Roof Inn on 32nd Street (I believe, anyway). It’s surprisingly good, for a place that’s substantially cheaper than most New York hotels; my view is nothing to write home about, but I can’t really complain about the location.


The hotel describes itself as being “in the heart of Koreatown,” but since Koreatown is about three blocks long (it is to Korea as Chinatown is to China, as my brother put it), if you get anywhere in Koreatown you can reasonably claim to be in its heart.

While its small, Koreatown is pretty neat. It’s just like being in Seoul, except the cars are different.

We went to Seoul Garden and had some barbeque, a traditional Korean delicacy, along with a wide assortment of pickled and/or highly spiced vegetables.

Korean BBQ

We then took a little walk around the block, but since my brother lives in deepest Brooklyn, and I thought I was tired, we called it a night.

I kind of look forward to the time when rather than having to sleep, I can just take some Provigil and work continuously for 48 hours on a trip, then go home. So much of business travel is structured by the need to rest; if you could eliminate that– and in some cities, there’s enough activity 24/7 to make it possible– then all kinds of possibilities open up.