I took the kids to see the new Narnia movie last weekend, and we all thought it was pretty good.

Thinking over the film these last few days (and not giving away anything essential), what sticks with me most is the transformation of Susan, the oldest girl and an archer, into an efficient and remorseless killer. While Peter and Edmund are all adolescent bluster and heraldry, Susan just notches arrows and brings her opponents down, without all the histrionics. (She makes Orlando Bloom’s Legolas look like Hamlet.)

What’s also interesting is that nothing is made of it in the plot. Susan doesn’t start taking out people (or trolls, or horses, or whoever) to make up for being neglected by her parents, or because she’s competing with Peter, or anything like that. if anything, it’s either old-fashioned sublimation, or just the sort of thing a protective older sister does… in a dangerously unstable alternate universe.