It’s really late here, but I still feel the need to have a short post.

Surrounded by bikes
me and bicycles, via flickr

I spent most of the day at the conference; of course I was giving a paper this afternoon, so I was going to a couple talks, but ducking out of others to work on my own presentation. After some frantic last-minute fiddling with the presentation technology in the Edmond Safra Lecture Theatre (work for the nephew, speak in the theatre of the uncle!), I was able to give my talk using ZuiPrezi, which was fun.

Said in the rain
said business school, via flickr

After that, I took a little time to write some postcards and get a SIM card for my phone. So now I have phone numbers in the US, UK, and Singapore. Part of me thinks this is cool. Part of me thinks it’s a sign I need a different life.

Oriel College
main gate, oriel college, via flickr

Dinner was at Oriel College, one of the oldest of the colleges at Oxford. As I’ve already confessed, I’m a sucker for these kinds of events.

Oriel College
oriel dining hall, via flickr

This one was a little less alcohol-soaked, but still very good. Dining at the long tables under portraits of the Queen and stained glass pictures of Edward II is never bad when you’re an American.

Oriel College
courtyard or oriel college, via flickr

After dinner, I met up with a former student, and we had a few pints at The Jam Factory, a gallery-restaurant-bar near SBS. Damn good beer.

the jam factory, via flickr

After that, I wandered around town for a while, taking lots of pictures. Eventually, after crossing Magdalen Bridge, I doubled back, and stopped at a kebab van for a little something.

via flickr

With that, I headed back to the room, to do a couple hours’ work. The big difference between going to a conference as an academic, and going as… me… is that my job doesn’t stop when I’m away. But so it goes.

via flickr

Tomorrow I’m going to meet various friends and business contacts, and generally take it a little easier.

Drunken bicycles
drunken bicyles, via flickr

Substantive stuff about the conference tomorrow.