When I finally got to sleep last night, the sky was getting light. Not much time until I have to wake up, I thought. Naturally, having been out last night, once I was in bed I fell right to sleep.

I woke up with a start. How long had I been asleep? Why didn’t I hear the alarm? What time is it? I crawled out of bed and looked at the computer. 10:30???


I was supposed to meet people at 9 and 10, not to mention the conference, which cost a small fortune to attend. Damn it. Damn it.

I ran– staggered or sleep-walked, more like it– into the shower. How the Hell does this thing work? Finally I got a shower going, thought the bath never stopped running. I got out without killing myself, but I did slip enough to get a bruise. Damn improvised plumbing and layout.

I had a wake-up call and my computer alarm set. How could I have slept through both of them? The computer alarm is a godawful air raid siren, to boot. This is going to be a real problem on workshop days. If I can’t wake up on time, Bad Things Will Happen.

No time to shave. I gotta get over to SBS, figure out where things are at, and make some apologies.

Check the clock again. 10:40 PM.

A long minute, staring at the computer.

10:40 PM?

The computer is still on Pacific Time. I haven’t changed it.

That means it’s… add 8… try to add 8…

It’s 6:45 AM.

I’m not late…. I didn’t sleep through the alarms. They didn’t go off… because they’re not going off for another 45 minutes.

Of course, now I’m way too pumped to go back to sleep. Though maybe I’ll manage it.