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My son in a tree

When I got to school today, my son was high up in a loquat tree.

My son climbing a tree at Peninsula
via Flickr

Climbing trees is popular at Peninsula.

My son climbing a tree at Peninsula
via Flickr


  1. I have very much enjoyed reading your Peninsula stories. I spent 11 years of my life at Peninsula (and am now an undergrad at Carnegie Mellon) and one of my fondest memories of Peninsula is sitting in the branches of that tree. During after school care my friends and I would play “The Tree Game” which made up for imagination in its narrative if not its title.

    If I remember right, in our game, that tree was planted in the middle of the Amazon, and included a petting zoo, a basket-shop, a hospital, and a possible a computer-repair shop. Reading your posts is a little like being back in that “medieval village”. Thank you.

  2. Jessica, Thanks very much! Since I didn’t go to Peninsula, I’m always reassured to hear that these stories (or in this case pictures) ring true.

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