I'm heading out shortly to get the bus from Oxford to to Heathrow 5, for my flight to Budapest tonight. It's mid-afternoon, but I'm leaving a lot of time because 1) I don't want to get stuck in unexpected traffic, 2) Heathrow 5 is said to be a lot better, but still could be a disaster, and 3) Oxford is so packed with tourists you can't turn around.

Not that I've gone native or anything– I find I get more American rather than less when I'm in England; if I were here for a month, I'd probably end up dressing like a cowboy– but it really is very crowded.

Besides, I need to do some work for my workshops on Monday and Thursday, having been distracted by things back at the office. The difference between going an academic conference when you're an academic, and going to a conference when you're, well, me, is that when you're an academic, you don't have regular work still going on, and other people needing you to do things.