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I’m starting to do all the things you need to do before a trip– or that I need to do these days, at least. They alternate between work things (e-mailing participants in next week’s future of science workshop, setting up meetings with prospective clients or project partners in Singapore and Malaysia), travel-specific things (looking for good restaurants, checking train times between KLIA and Putrajaya), and personal stuff (taking my best shoes to the cobbler’s, figuring out where my Singapore SIM card is).

Having studied the history of Victorian travel, I know that part of what I’m doing is imitating my subjects; but on a short trip like this, I can’t afford to NOT have everything all set up before I leave. Ideally, my days should be as full as my bags are light. With only three nights there, the former at least shouldn’t be any problem!

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  1. I do not travel nearly as much as you do, but it has gotten to the point where I now have a checklist. Yes, an honest to god checklist because I cannot remember anything anymore. One item I’ve discovered I need to add from this trip: pack guidebook. I always buy one even for a short trip, but seem to have forgotten it this time!

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