Laxenburg really is pretty small, but it’s very pleasant.

When I got here last night, my colleagues and I wandered across the street– we’re staying in a facility owned (or under contract with) IIASA– to a kebab and pizza place.

Doner kebab
austrian kebab, flickr

It strikes me that McDonalds, pizza, and kebab are now the three foodstuffs you can always get in Europe, and which are pretty reliable, despite some regional differences (no chips with your kebab in Austria, for example).

oxford kebab van, flickr

After that we went to the ice cream place up the street. Tonight I was walking around, and it became clear that this place is basically the social center of the town.

Jane: I can haz yr ice cream?
dessert with jane mcgonigle, via flickr

The park really is amazing. The mosquitos are very aggressive if you stop for longer than a few seconds, but there’s an excellent little lake with an amazing castle on it.

Castle on the pond
castle, via flickr