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Single dad Saturday

I took the kids and their aunt to the Redwood City theatre this afternoon to see Wall-E today. It was terrific, though I admit I nodded off during a crucial scene (I skipped the coffee this morning). It’s a bit depressing that you can make such a good movie around the premise that the planet has been made uninhabitable; I’m afraid that while my generation grew up with the idea of nuclear war hanging over us, my kids are growing up with the reality of serious climate change– and they know it.

The one down side to the outing was that I lost my wallet. We realized it on the way to the car; I ran back and checked around the seats, looked in the bathroom, and retraced my steps, but nothing. (The people cleaning the theatre were concerned that someone had come in, but after I explained why I had returned, they adopted an attitude of Olympian detachment. Not that I expected them to mount a search party, but what happens if a kid wanders off? Is the theatre staff as disinterested? Something tells me they’re not very good with emergencies.)

So of course I called the bank and credit card company as soon as I got home. I’ll have to go to the DMV on Monday and try to get a new drivers’ license. Then there are insurance cards, Costco, etc.. The one thing I didn’t have much of in there was money: ironically, though, the most valuable bill in there was a 20 pound note from my trip. It’s also interesting to discover how poorly designed these services are to handle problems like lost cards: even the credit card company didn’t do a very good job of explaining the procedure for getting a new card, telling me when the new one would arrive, etc.. They were mainly concerned with making sure that I knew it was okay to keep sending them money.

My daughter’s at a friend’s house on a sleepover, and my son is now out for the night. I think I’m going to have a couple beer.

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  1. I hope you find your wallet. In the meantime try not to worry about it. You did everything I would have done if I lost my wallet. Relax and have a beer for me too!

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